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05 July 2009 @ 02:29 pm
I'm in the mood to post something today seeing how I have so much free time, so you guys get to decide on what you want me to post.
Choose from the options below and I'll let the poll run until 4pm PST
Then whichever is the winning option - that's what I'll post today :D
The theme of the texture and/or the fandom of the icon post will be left up to me.
So get to voting! :D


Poll #1425480 Texture or Icon Post?

What would you like me to post today?

A Texture Post!!
An Icon Post!!

I am thinking about either keeping the community public or making it members only...or making it members only and keeping entries public for a few days. So vote on this matter aswell! Your opinion counts - cause without you guys - this comm wouldnt survive :D

Poll #1425481 Members Only?

Should the comm be members only?

Yes - make it members only
No - keep it public
Make it members only but entries public for a while
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Current Mood: artistic
i'm the vice president of chocolate!: misc>movie Nosferatuilleatchu on July 5th, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
im such a texture whore.

BUT. i hate it when graphics communities are members only. pain in my ass. i really hate that mine has to be (right now at least. til this star trek obsession is over. then i should have no more bandwidth problems) BUT. if you do, it totally makes your watchers/members skyrocket lol.

YOURE AWESOME *high five*